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Not all of us enjoy every extravagance when it comes to our bathrooms. Our Luxury Collection means that everyone can indulge in the very best, where it matters most.

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Our bathrooms can be a source of beauty. With some time and attention, we can create a welcoming space with luxurious touches where they matter most. If you’re looking to introduce a little love into your bathroom, take a look at our collection and be inspired.

Clean Sensation

KLEENEX® Clean Sensation Toilet Tissue brings the ultimate in softness, thickness, and absorbency to your bathroom. With its unique CleanRipple* texture, it’s been designed to give you a cleaner, more effective experience, without compromising on that gentle, pampering touch.

Try our KLEENEX® Clean Sensation toilet tissue, for a new level of luxury and indulgence.

  • Luxurious

  • Soft & Gentle

  • Shea butter

Aloe Vera

KLEENEX® Aloe Vera Toilet Tissue combines natural aloe vera with a dappled texture that’s been designed for a superb clean. Enjoy the luxury of pampering toilet tissue working in perfect harmony with the natural benefits of aloe vera.

Try the KLEENEX® Aloe Vera toilet tissue, for caring comfort and indulgence.

  • Luxurious

  • Soft & Gentle

  • Aloe vera

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