Made in Australia

We’re proud to say that we manufacturer our Kleenex® Cottonelle® toilet rolls right here in Australia.

We make this happen with the help of over 1,400 employees across our offices, manufacturing sites, distribution and sales centres.

Our world-class manufacturing facilities are located in;

  • Millicent South Australia where our Kleenex®, Kleenex® Cottonelle®, VIVA®, Scott and Kimberly-Clark Professional® tissue products are made.
  • Ingleburn NSW where we make Huggies® Nappies, Nappy-Pants, Pull-Ups and DryNites, and

Our toilet roll facility which makes Kleenex Cottonelle is located in regional South Australia in Millicent, just outside Mt Gambier. As the single largest employer in South East South Australia, Millicent Mill employs 375 employees from the local community, with an average tenure of 19 years.

We’re also currently one of the most awarded companies in Australia for sustainability, having won more than five prestigious sustainability awards in the past two years including the inaugural Environment Ministers Award for a Cleaner Environment.

This award recognises Kimberly-Clark’s South Australian manufacturing site in Millicent, for its contribution towards achieving the objective of a cleaner, healthier, environment and a more resilient sustainable Australia.We won this award as we’ve significantly reduced our carbon emissions, our wastewater from this site now meets Australian drinking water standards and we invested in a $33 million cogeneration facility that produces 100% of the mills steam and provides 92% of the mills electricity.

We also invest in the local communities. We take a proactive approach and encourage and help our people to make a positive contribution to the community through programs like employee Workplace Volunteering and Workplace giving. We’re also committed to helping the community when it needs it most, like donating essential products to those in need following devastating natural disasters.